Project Presentation

Beach View Estates

Considering the continuous influx of people into Lekki and its environs due to development of commerce, industry and tourism, there has and will be an increase in demand for both commercial and residential apartments as people need a place to live and do business. We see an opportunity to make money from the growing real estate market. We are also giving everyone else an opportunity to pertain in the juicy venture; whether the wealthy, middle class, or even students. 

After adequate research, Beach View Estate is a promising opportunity to grow your money with little or no risk involved. 



Beach View Estate contains eight units of one-bedroom apartments in Elegushi, Lekki. It is in its developmental stage and should be completed in 4-6 months after which it will be sold.

It is divided into 250 slots, with each slots amounting to $500 or its Naira equivalent. You can buy one or more slots, and get the returns accordingly.


Investment :


Yearly distribution:

During the term, the lender receives of 20% per year.

Short term:

The lender gets back his capital after the apartments have been used. This should be done according to the planning after 24 months.

Finance Structure


Its proximity to the Elegushi beach, a perfect relaxation spot for families, single working class, business owners and expatriates will make Beach View Estate in huge demand when it’s completed by the end of the year. Companies will need it for corporate guest apartments; it will also function well as short leased service apartments or rented apartments.


The property will be sold upon completion and with just $500 investment, investors get at least 20% returns on their investment. No bank can give such interest on savings. You are also sure that your money is protected from inflation and other economic uncertainties.

Co-invest today, lets help grow your money.



Lekki is famous for its luxurious real estate, scenery and its beautiful beaches. It has become a major commercial hub, residential area and tourist attraction center in Lagos, thus making it real estate’s hot demand.

In the coming years, Lekki is going to experience more rapid growth and consequently, a higher demand for residential and commercial buildings due to a couple of industrialization projects like the Lekki Fourth Mainland Bridge, Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lekki International Airport, and Deep-Sea Port.

It is therefore wise to sow a seed in the Lekki Real Estate field now and reap in thousand folds later

Beachview Estate, Lekki Lagos

Funding in progress

80% funded


Projected growth of $10,000 over :

Project Milestones

  •   Purchased
  •   Building Permit
  •  Start of Construction
  •  Sales
  •   End of Construction

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